“MJ Mondays”

Hello all, hope everyone is enjoying there day today, and hope everyone had a fantastic weekend with the beautiful weather in the tri-state even though it was a little hot. Well anyway today is MJ Monday and today I just want to take a moment today to really appreciate the raw athleticism that he had early part of his career. When MJ was in early part of his career, he slashed to the cup like few other without taking to many dribbles.  Anyway enough of me yapping, I will be back with Music Monday later on today and hope everyone continues to have a good day. Stay Safe! and Stay Blessed!



Hello all, hope all is well with everyone on today! For all my basketball fans that have been keeping up with the NBA Playoffs know that we are just about in the heart of the 1st round. Already we have seen some great intense games that went down to the wire. The Cavs and Warriors are the only two teams that have advanced to the 2nd round of the playoffs so far. As the playoffs continue we will be showing highlights of the games from the night before. Here are highlights from the Warriors closing out the series against the Blazers and highlights from the Hawks against the Wizards who tied the series up at 2-2.

Spirit Saturday

Hello everyone, hope all is well with everyone on today even in the rainy tri- state area. I’m very grateful in you visiting my page even if it was by mistake, I’m still grateful in whatever has brought you to this site. On our second Spirit Saturday we are going to cover the number one turn up drink. Bachelor21 isn’t a big fan of the vodka but if we choose to drink vodka we are going to go with Ciroc red berry flavor. Ciroc is a smooth beverage that goes really well with any type of juice, but prefer Orange juice. Here is a review of this beverage and maybe you can decide if you want to try it for the first time or try it out again with a different flavor.


Good Afternoon everyone, I hope all are well on today, Like I say a lot, no I’m not just saying that, I really am grateful for your visit to the page even if you clicked on a link by mistake that lead you here, I’m still very grateful in that as well. If you didn’t know, Bachelor21 is a huge fan of basketball and the NBA. If you follow the NBA like us, you’ll know that this season was one of the best seasons for NBA basketball statistically speaking. This year also included many stars that made a case for the MVP award. And that’s what I want to discuss today. Who should get the award? Right now that is the biggest question in the NBA world

With Russell Westbrook breaking the triple double record which many thought was an untouchable record. James Harden leading the Rockets  to third in the Western Conference standings as we are in the heart of the first round playoffs. Lebron James always makes his case on why should be awarded MVP with averaging numbers such as 26.4 ppg, 8 assists pg, and 8 rebounds per game. It’s so easy to forget or take for granted Lebron’s greatness because of his great consistency, and at the end of the day I don’t think we expect anything less from him at this point which isn’t  fair because of how hard those numbers are to accomplish.

Today I want to make a case on why Russell Westbrook a.k.a. the brody deserves to win the MVP award which is a very tight race. First, Russell Westbrook’s yearly stats was off the charts with averaging 31 points per game, 10.4 assists per game, and 10.7 rebounds per game. He surpassed a record that most basketball fans thought was pretty much impossible. In doing this he led the Thunder which lost their franchise player to the sixth place in the Western conference standings. He pretty much was the heart and soul of this franchise this past regular season. Always the first one to defend his teammates, the first one to recognize his own faults, and the last one to critique his teammates. Westbrook has really showcased all of the qualities that a leader should have.

Let’s take a look on what Most Valuable Player means.The best performing player and the most valuable player to their team. You take Russell Westborook off the Thunder and they’ll be lucky if they win 20 games this season. I forgot to mention Russell Westbrook accomplished all this with his all of his other teammates averaging less than 15 points per game. All I’m saying is when it comes to “Most Valuable Player” Russell Westbrook exemplifies every part of that phrase this season, and honestly I think it would be a shame if he wasn’t awarded the MVP this season.

Spirit Saturdays

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with everyone on today. No I’m just saying that like some, but actually mean it if you took the time to visit my page and read through the content. Even if you clicked on a link and it led you here by mistake I’m still grateful for that. Today I want to introduce Spirit Saturday’s where every week in the days leading up to the weekend I will showcase or highlight an alcoholic beverage for my 21 and over followers. Each week it can be a hard liquor, beer, craft beer, champagne, wine, etc. It doesn’t matter we’ll showcase it! We’ll even throw in reviews sometimes so you can find out if you possibly would be a fan of the liquor.

Today the highlighted beverage for the first Spirit Saturday will be Hennessy, which is Bachelor21’s go to drink when it’s time to crawl the night. In Bachelor21’s personal opinion you can never really go wrong with Cognac unless you drink to much of it. Alright enough of my rambling, here is a review about the beverage. Last but not least, please drink responsibly!

Music Monday

Hello all, I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday today as hard as that might be for some of us. As you guys know today is Music Monday and today I want to cover a Jay Z classic. Jay Z to some may be considered the G.O.A.T. He surely is one of the greatest to pick up the mic. Jay z has countless hip hop award winning albums which has proven his success from being number one on the billboard charts, breaking down barriers with other genres of music. When it comes to music Jay has pretty much accomplished everything when it comes to the Hip Hop world.

The song that we chose to highlight today comes off Jay’s second album In My Lifetime Vol. 1 which is actually one of Bachelor21’s favorite albums. The song that we chose to showcase this week is  Who You Wit which is very iconic to any modern day “ladies man.” This song will have you feeling confident, and have you ready to walk up to the next lady you see, and try woo her off her feet.

Taste of Thursday

Hello, hope all is well on this great day today to all my viewers. As you prepare for the weekend, I hope I can add something different to your weekend menu as today is Taste Of Thursday. Today we bring you the Charleston “Nasty” Biscuit which consist of two buttery biscuits with fried chicken, cheese, and sausage gravy. Just describing the recipe gets me hungry. Well enough of me yapping, here is what the dish looks like! 

Tattoo Tuesday

Good Afternoon to all, and hope all is well and no I’m not just saying that I really mean that even if you clicked on a link that led you here by mistake I am still grateful. Anyway today as we know is Tattoo Tuesday and today we will highlight a very interesting tattoo that can inspire others for tattoo ideas. Well, anyway enough of the small talk, here is the highlighted tattoo that we have chosen to be showcased for this week’s Tattoo Tuesday.  

“MJ Mondays”

Hello again everyone, also as you know it, or maybe you forgot. With it being Monday it is too MJ Monday.  Today Bachelor21 wants to show highlights of the game when Michael Jordan in the 1992 Finals in game 1 of the 7 game series against the Trail Blazers was simply on fire, and at one point seemed as though he was shocking himself when he famously did the “shrug”. Well anyway here are the G.O.A.T.’s highlights of that game we he shocked the basketball world yet again.

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