“Watch Wednesday”

Today we want to formally introduce Watch Wednesday to the site. This where just like Tattoo Tuesday we will be spotlighting a watch this time and in a few sentences explaining why we like the Watch. Having a watch is sometimes considered essential in a man’s wardrobe depending on who you ask. It may be obvious but Bachelor21 is a huge fan of watches and suggest you acquire yourself with one.

Today for out first Watch Wednesday we have picked this gold rolex out that is very striking to the eye with it’s gold bezels and all. This is only motivation to acquire the means to get this expensive watch priced at two stacks. All is possible and to my fellow bachelors and viewers, you can get this Watch! Thank you and hope you come back next week for Watch Wednesday and tell us what you think of the selected watch and we are always open for suggestions on the selected topic. Thank you and embrace yourself!

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV

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