Music Monday

Hello all, I hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday today as hard as that might be for some of us. As you guys know today is Music Monday and today I want to cover a Jay Z classic. Jay Z to some may be considered the G.O.A.T. He surely is one of the greatest to pick up the mic. Jay z has countless hip hop award winning albums which has proven his success from being number one on the billboard charts, breaking down barriers with other genres of music. When it comes to music Jay has pretty much accomplished everything when it comes to the Hip Hop world.

The song that we chose to highlight today comes off Jay’s second album In My Lifetime Vol. 1 which is actually one of Bachelor21’s favorite albums. The song that we chose to showcase this week is  Who You Wit which is very iconic to any modern day “ladies man.” This song will have you feeling confident, and have you ready to walk up to the next lady you see, and try woo her off her feet.


“Music Monday”

Hello everyone, hope everyone is having a fantastic Monday today. Today as you know it is Music Monday and today we want to highlight the classic by Journey Don’t Stop Believing which is a very motivational song that I will have the average normal person feeling inspired and motivated to accomplish whatever they wish to accomplish. This is definitely a song that I listen to while working out. But anyways take a listen and enjoy

Music Monday

Hello all, I hope everyone is having a great day Monday as hard as that might be for some of us I truly hope you are having a good first day to your week. You know what today is! It’s Music Monday! This week we will be highlighting a song from one of the greatest classical singers to ever do it. Frank Sinatra’s New York, New York maybe can be described as the National Anthem of New York City. Frank Sinatra is surely one of the most influential singers that ever lived and his legacy will continue….

Music Monday

On this week’s Music Monday we will be highlighting a classic that is bound to make anyone that has any top of rhythm to start moving. This song originally came out on February 24, 1999 as the second single off his album titled 400 DegreezThis song feat. a young Lil wayne who had a somewhat a simple verse but still hit the ears different because of his delivery and swag on the beat. Anyway today’s music Monday we selected Back That Azz up. Like I said play this at a party in an urban community and watch how the tone of the party changes.

“Push me to the Edge”

Hey what’s going on guys, hope all is well with you guys and no I’m not just saying that, I really mean it! Anyway today is supposed to be “Tattoo Tuesday” which we will get to later this evening after all my classes. But today right here, right now we want to highlight a Lil Uzi record from his new mixtape “XO Tour”. Lil Uzi rapper from Philly who is very popular from his verse from the popular Migos song “Bad and Bougie”. 

The song we want to highlight today is “Push Me To Edge” from his “XO Tour” mixtape. This record is probably one of Uzi’ s most captivating song off his most recent works. Give it a listen tell me what you think.

“By You’re Side”

On our first official “Music Monday’ which is where every week we will highlight  a song from the many genre’s in today’s music that we have and our past time.  We will point out a few lyrics and sometimes analyze the lyrics if they are meaningful enough.In our first “Music Monday” we chose Jadakiss’s “By Your Side”. Jadakiss is a New York rapper who is from Yonkers. Jadakiss has proven time and time again that he is one of the game’s best that will never truly fade out. Jadakiss’s “By Your Side” comes off his Kiss Of Death album which originally debut in in June 2004.

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