Spirit Saturdays

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with everyone on today. No I’m just saying that like some, but actually mean it if you took the time to visit my page and read through the content. Even if you clicked on a link and it led you here by mistake I’m still grateful for that. Today I want to introduce Spirit Saturday’s where every week in the days leading up to the weekend I will showcase or highlight an alcoholic beverage for my 21 and over followers. Each week it can be a hard liquor, beer, craft beer, champagne, wine, etc. It doesn’t matter we’ll showcase it! We’ll even throw in reviews sometimes so you can find out if you possibly would be a fan of the liquor.

Today the highlighted beverage for the first Spirit Saturday will be Hennessy, which is Bachelor21’s go to drink when it’s time to crawl the night. In Bachelor21’s personal opinion you can never really go wrong with Cognac unless you drink to much of it. Alright enough of my rambling, here is a review about the beverage. Last but not least, please drink responsibly!


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