Good Afternoon everyone, I hope all are well on today, Like I say a lot, no I’m not just saying that, I really am grateful for your visit to the page even if you clicked on a link by mistake that lead you here, I’m still very grateful in that as well. If you didn’t know, Bachelor21 is a huge fan of basketball and the NBA. If you follow the NBA like us, you’ll know that this season was one of the best seasons for NBA basketball statistically speaking. This year also included many stars that made a case for the MVP award. And that’s what I want to discuss today. Who should get the award? Right now that is the biggest question in the NBA world

With Russell Westbrook breaking the triple double record which many thought was an untouchable record. James Harden leading the Rockets  to third in the Western Conference standings as we are in the heart of the first round playoffs. Lebron James always makes his case on why should be awarded MVP with averaging numbers such as 26.4 ppg, 8 assists pg, and 8 rebounds per game. It’s so easy to forget or take for granted Lebron’s greatness because of his great consistency, and at the end of the day I don’t think we expect anything less from him at this point which isn’t  fair because of how hard those numbers are to accomplish.

Today I want to make a case on why Russell Westbrook a.k.a. the brody deserves to win the MVP award which is a very tight race. First, Russell Westbrook’s yearly stats was off the charts with averaging 31 points per game, 10.4 assists per game, and 10.7 rebounds per game. He surpassed a record that most basketball fans thought was pretty much impossible. In doing this he led the Thunder which lost their franchise player to the sixth place in the Western conference standings. He pretty much was the heart and soul of this franchise this past regular season. Always the first one to defend his teammates, the first one to recognize his own faults, and the last one to critique his teammates. Westbrook has really showcased all of the qualities that a leader should have.

Let’s take a look on what Most Valuable Player means.The best performing player and the most valuable player to their team. You take Russell Westborook off the Thunder and they’ll be lucky if they win 20 games this season. I forgot to mention Russell Westbrook accomplished all this with his all of his other teammates averaging less than 15 points per game. All I’m saying is when it comes to “Most Valuable Player” Russell Westbrook exemplifies every part of that phrase this season, and honestly I think it would be a shame if he wasn’t awarded the MVP this season.


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