“Let Yah Hands Go”

What’s the concept? “Let Your Hands Go” This was used from a boxing trainer who trained a very wise young man at the time. As it relates to Boxing this simply means to stop being hesitant, when you see you’re opening, strike! Forget you’re doubts and others doubts and “Let your hands go”! It is even deeper than that, but  this is how it is related to boxing, but when the wise man told me about this phrase I chose to relate it to life in general!

In a world where there is negativity surrounding each and every one of us, it maybe hard to concentrate on the positive aspects of life. Every time you turn around, it may seem like another grieving tragedy has hit the surface.

I’m here today basically to encourage and motivate others to stop fully focusing on the negative things in their life and the negative shit going on around them. I know it’s easier said then done, and I know being aware of the news that is being reported which is mostly negative, sometimes is important. Remember this though, when you have all this negative shit and excuse my language, but if it is negative, its shit! So anyway when having all this negative stuff cluttering around, and consuming all you’re thoughts, you will have no room for positive forces and positive things to grow into your life.

Like attracts like! In knowing this as it pertains to the subject at hand, when you keep focusing on the negative obstacles, whatever negative energy that is around you, you’re only attracting more negative forces into your life.

I said this before, I’m just here to start helping you change you’re thought pattern, and help you to see the world as you know it in a more positive life. I want you to start thinking you can accomplish the goals everyone doubts you about. I want you to start feeling good about the shinning bright star that you are. I know it sounds cliche, but do you know, you can accomplish anything in this life that is humanly possible if you just put your mind to it. No one on this Earth possess the same great qualities that you do that makes you, you! You were created different to shine different! Everyone on this Earth was put here for a purpose! You are a gift from God and don’t be afraid to share your gifts with others.

Once you start changing your mindset, which is to try to find a positive in every situation weather it’s “positive” or “negative”. Start to feel good about everything around you, and you will see things start to change in your favor. Stop worrying about what others have to say about you’re dreams and endeavors if it isn’t positive or constructive. People try to make you feel insecure when they are the one’s actually insecure, because they cannot express their gift to the level that you can.

Trust and believe that the majority of society, and the people you see everyday on a day to day basis are so self- conscious, they don’t even have time to be worried about you, or how you look, or the content that you are maybe sharing. Just stop caring about others opinions, because at the end of the day no one’s opinion truly matters except your own. “Let Your Hands Go!” Stop being tentative and scared with your gift or whatever you do in life. It’s easy to be scared of you’re “sky is the limit” potential, but I just want you to get there! Faith is stronger than fear! Affirm everyday that you are going to accomplish everything you want for that day, and really believe it! Affirm that you are going to have a great day at work, classes, court, having a good game in a sporting event. Whatever it is, you just have to affirm that you can do it!

I will be back with more inspiring and motivating content for all my viewers because at the end of the day I just want to see everyone around me succeed, and accomplish their goals and we can’t do that with a negative mindset. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I will get back with you guys tomorrow!




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