Dress Code

Hello everyone,  hope everyone is doing great today and no I’m not just saying that I really mean that! I’m grateful in whatever has brought here on today even if you clicked on a link by mistake, which in return led you to this site, I’m still grateful in that fact! Anyway today I want to discuss the importance of dress code and the outfits that are appropriate for each setting!

First off, I’m no expert when it comes to this fashion topic, but I do take pride in the way i like to be presentable at all times weather I’m in a more urban based outfit or my fresh out of GQ magazine look. “When you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, you do good!” said by the iconic Deion Sanders, Mr Primetime himeself,

So, with that being said when going to a job interview I suggest wearing a basic two piece suit without too many bright colors or patterns. We are not going to a fashion show people. It’s always best to keep it simple when going to a job interview which i suggest wearing darker colors with most likely only 2 colors or 3 that are incorporated in the suit piece with the tie to give a smooth offset. I don’t suggest going to a interview with anything more than or less than a tie. Don’t be extra wearing a bow tie to the interview that is going to put you in that successful position that are going to be in. Have a nice pair of dress shoes in the closet that you keep fresh! I’m sure all of you guys know these simple rules but it never hurts to have a refresher every now and again. You will get that job you want! Be positive and dress professionally!

Now, if you are in college like myself, and planning on going to a house party in the basement the dress code rules become a lot less stricter. When I tell you some of these female students wear next to nothing sometimes. But, Hey, that’s neither here, nor there! So when it comes the young bachelors out here, you can wear something that makes you standout and have fun with your outfit. Just please make sure you please match. I know that’s a given,but when you’ve seen some of the stuff I’ve seen I’ll tell you, it should be reinforced. I also suggest not wearing the best shoes in the closet as there will be a lot of feet in sometimes a compacted area so sometimes people will step on your sneaks or whatever you may have on your feet and scuff your shits up. It’s just suggestion. Also it’s going to get hot too, trust me!

If you are apart of the 21 plus club and like to go to bars and clubs in the nearby cities you probably already have a sense to as what you should be wearing. You could always rock some nice form fitted jeans, with a fit it t-shirt such as a V-neck depending on the weather. Make sure the foot attire is proper. And what I mean by that, this is where you can make some noise and get attention from by making sure what you have on your feet are clean, in season, and in style with a little flare to set yourself apart from the rest of your peers.

Now last but not least, if you are happening to go a ball or a formal with a date, special friend, whoever they might be, I suggest in matching in some way or shape or form. For the young bachelor he should wear the tuxedo I like personally all black with the white button up and the I like bow tie to these type of events. The bow tie is where you can match with whoever you brought to the occasion with.

Like I said, I ‘m no expert on this but am passionate about it. These are just a few simple tips that can make all the world difference sometimes without knowing it. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


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