Tattoo Tuesday’s

Hello, everyone and hope everybody had a great day even though it’s just Tuesday. No I’m not just saying that I actually mean it. If you take the time to view this site, or even by mistake click on the link, I’m grateful just in that.

Anyway back to the situation at hand, today Bachelor21 wants to officially start what we like to call Tattoo Tuesday’s. Tattoo Tuesday is where we will  spotlight a tattoo that may give inspiration to you, and would like to showcase tattoos as a art form and analyze it as you would a Picaso piece if it reaches that creativity level.

This weeks tattoo goes to the “Mother Nature” tattoo or you can call it the “Poison Ivy” tattoo You can of course come up with your own name if you happen to take a gander at the art work. The tattoo artist did a very a good job of concentrating on the detail of the women in the piece. The reason why one may call it the “Mother Nature” tattoo or the “Poison Ivy” tattoo because the women in the tatt is surrounded by plants, natures beauty and the creatures that slither on this earth with growing vines all around her!

If you pay close attention it’s almost like the plants are forming a crown of some sort around her head to give that “higher being” and “larger than life” feel. It’s really up to you on how you perceive this art.

One of the reasons that Bachelor21 admires the ink so much is that you can draw your own perceptions of the tattoo without really knowing the person who wears it. Tattoos are a means of expressing yourself without speaking! Everyone has their own reasons why they are interested in tatts but Bachelor21 just wants to inspire you when it comes to the ink. Have a great night and will be back next week with another fresh piece of artwork. Stay blessed and Embrace yourself!



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