Hello everyone, I hope everybody is enjoying their day thus far, and no I’m not just saying that I really mean it, because when you take the time to view this page or even click on a link by mistake I’m still very grateful in what has brought you here today!

Anyway today I want to talk to about grooming yourself and making sure you keep your god given qualities up kept! Nothing makes me an expert on this subject I just want to point out the things that sometimes we overlook the importance of.  Here are just a few simple tips that can really make a difference!

  1. Hair

When it comes to hair, I mean you can try various hairstyles that you want. Now of course if you are in corporate America the hairstyles that you might possess probably are going to have to kept at a professional level. No matter what kind of hair you have or the texture of hair that you  have, their is a hairstyle that is just right for everyone. When you find this hairstyle make sure you try to upkeep it as much as possible. This could mean getting regular trims and shapes, styling it by putting some type of gel in it. At the end of the day their is something for everyone that works for everyone. Don’t be afraid to try new things, but always make sure that your heart is in it.

2.   Facial Hair

Now, facial hair is very important weather you think so or not. Now you can’t control the amount of hair that you have on your face, but you can make sure that it is neat and even. If you only have a mustache make sure it’s even and that you line it up on the regular basis. If you are like me and only get chin hair and a mustache make sure the hair on your chin doesn’t look like pubes underneath your mouth. If it does at this point just shave all the hair off under the chin so it will grow back fuller. Trust me I’ve been there before!

3. Trim the Eyebrows

We are still talking about the hair the on your face when it comes to eyebrows. Now, Anthony Davis, big man for the New Orleans Pelicans can probably get away with having a “boomerang brow” widely known as a unibrow can probably get away with it being a NBA superstar and all not to mention he trademarked it, but Hey…you gotta do what works for you! Anyway this probably isn’t going to work for the average jo smo out there! So if you do happen to have a boomerang brow I’m not mad at you, and if you like it do what you like by all means. All I’m saying is try something different by just cleaning that hair in the middle of those full brows and shape them up while keeping a masculine look!




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