“Fashion 101”

Good Afternoon to all, I hope all is well and all enjoying the first day of Spring. And yes I really mean that and am not just saying that. Even if you just look at the homepage I am thankful just in that! And especially if take the time to read though my post.

Anyway in this post today I want to talk about fashion. Now there are plenty blogs about fashion and that discuss  the “fashion rules.” Bachleor21 isn’t all about fashion, but fashion does get discussed because we want our followers to take pride in the way the look and be presentable in the “real world ” weather that be for a job interview, a night out into the town enjoying the night with friends, or going to  formal with a date. Either way, in whatever you are doing we want you to be presentable and be confident in how look! Bachelor21 is about you and we want to cater to you and whoever may take a visit to this site!

We want to talk about how fashion pertains to you and how to follow your heart when it comes this sensitive topic. We just don’t want to have you looking crazy out here in this streets. Fashion, in my opinion is all about expressing yourself without having to say anything. People may look at the NBA star Russell Westbrook, one might say that he dresses very eccentric and strange, but you have to respect an individual who dresses how they want not caring about what others have to say. Some of his outfits aren’t half bad. But, anyway at the end of the day dress how you want and here are just a few tips on how look presentable and you never know, you might start turning heads!

  1. Dress Presentable!

Now when we say this, all we are simply saying is to make sure that you don’t have any unwanted stains in your outfits, take the time to iron your clothes and get those wrinkles out! We are not a big fan of the baggy clothing so make sure that your outfits fit to your body type. Also make sure you keep your hair style neat and upkept. Get rid of any unappealing facial hair. Just making these few changes can make a great difference in you’re appearance!

2. Shoes and Sneaks

Try to have a nice pair of shoes in the wardrobe. Growing up a lot of the time, and I’m not saying this true but sometimes a man is judged upon the shoes or sneakers that they could be wearing. The shoes or sneakers that you equip yourself with doesn’t have to be expensive, but make sure they fit your personality and lifestyle.

3. Always Dress for the occasion!

If it is a job interview that you are going to, first off congrats on that! Try to have at least 2 pair of well tailored suits in the closet. The suits being tailored will go a long way! Trust me! If you are enjoying the nightlife you can mix it up. I suggest to wear colors but keep it to a maximum of 3 but i really prefer 2, but essentially it is up to you! Just don’t go to the club in sweatpants or joggers, please.

4. Stay Fresh

I can’t say how important it is to stay fresh and to keep fresh scents on your body. When women embrace you for that hug one of the first things that they will notice is how you smell. The smelling sense that we have can sometimes lead to attraction. When it’s warm out, I suggest to go for a more minty smell. During the fall try to smell like cinnamon and that churo smell. Stay fresh like the seasons!

5.  Be yourself

Last, but not least when it comes to tailoring a wardrobe that fits you make sure that it fits you as I said before. Encompassing all of the tips that I have given above make sure you give the clothes that you wear your own personal style and flava! You gotta make sure your Lay which is your outfit stays fresh. Be confident in the lays you where and wear that great smile that God blessed you with! http://http://www.gq.com/gallery/russell-westbrook-playoffs-2016-nba-style




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