Life Of A College Student

Life in college can be complicated with the majority of freshmen entering as teenagers in a new world, and then you are supposed to leave being a full fledge mature grown adult, From stressing about your first college semester to worrying about that midterm/final that you necessarily  did’t prepare the best for. These are just a few stressors that college students go through.

Sometimes you may not know when or where your next meal may come due to not having a meal plan and not having enough money to pay for a meal yourself. From damn near begging your grandparents/parents for money every other week trying to figure out how you going ask again. Yes, it’s gets hard but the light at the end of tunnel is the day you get to walk across the graduation stage to receive your diploma. Whatever it is you are going through while you’re in school that is negative, just try to push forward and keep going because it will make you stronger in the long run!


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