Ballin on a Budget while in College

Yes, I know it’s true, we all love the majority if society today likes to indulge themselves in the finer things in life. And I know the majority of the up and coming bachelors want to live lavishly. It can get pretty expensive keeping up with the new fashion trends and just trends in general that are up to date. With that being said this makes it ten times harder for the average college kid with some type of income, or just an everyday working bachelor who is trying to stretch a dollar out of fifteen cents. The main thing you want to do if you wish to acquire these luxuries is to first visualize what you want and everything that is incorporated that you want in that vision. The second thing you need to do is have a solid stream of  income which will provide you with money to purchase what you want. Let’s say you get paid a certain amount of money, but only have $50-75 to spend on luxuries such as clothes, cologne, dinners, and dating and etc. What you want to do is break everything down and find out what is the least is you can possibly live off of week to week . You want to list out all of the expenses you have in you’re life.You have to be on a strict budget in college which is a very hard thing to do when you barely have enough to work with in the first place. As a senior now at Rowan University I had to learn the hard way sometimes about the importance of solid budgeting, meaning sometimes I went with out sometimes, which sometimes missing out on dinner or accepting that I simply wasn’t going to eat that day. College is way more than just teaching you about academics but instead it teaches you how to make it, and how to make due. Not everyone’s parents in school has a trust fund that takes care of them, some of us had to grind it out for what we have, and what we are going to get. If I had to leave you with one piece of advice that would make you’re budgeting go a lot smoother for my fellow bachelors and for my bachelorette’s out there is to be very discipline and to stick to you’re budget. Bachelor21 wishes you a blessed day and to stay great!


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